Jun Makita Profile.

Born 1980 in Niigata Prefecture, raised in Osaka. Started painting on his own after dropping out of university. Participated in GEISAI organised by Takashi Murakami from the very beginning, and won the Katsuhiko Hibino Award in 2002 and 2003. In 2005, he was awarded the Keiichi Sokabe Prize. Also in 2005, his work was featured in a special issue of the magazine Brutus, 'The Art that Takashi Murakami Bought'. With the 2020 Corona Disaster, he began producing works with animal and flower motifs.

Solo Exhibition.
"JUN MAKITA Exhibition" Takezaki Floor (2005)
"IAM...." OTTOMainzheim gallery(2009,Tokyo )
"I don't go to school" COMMUNE (2011,Tokyo )
"SUMMER NIGHT AND MORNING DREAMS" HonkBooks (2017,Tokyo ) "Let's go home" FAITH (2019,Tokyo )
"Hallo FRIENDS" Pink Moon Records (2020,Tokyo )
"De Te Oide" Art Bar Hoshio (2021,Tokyo )
"Kids See Dream and Forget " Wishless Gallery (2021,Tokyo )
"Bears, rabbits and sometimes giraffes" LUTRA Gallery (2022,China)
"Oh, SummerDays" Gallery Ascend (2023,HongKong)

group exhibition
"Beams Collection", B Gallery (2021).
"Animal" CHANGTING GALLERY (2022).
"what's your Dream" Galerie Zberro (Paris, 2022)
"Ascend 11" K11 MUSEA (2022)
"Tokyo Night Vol4" Jump Jump Tokyo (2022).
"目童" LUTRA GALLERY (China,2022)
"Tokyo Night Vol5" Jump Jump Tokyo (2022)
"All Things Bright & Beautiful, All Creatures Great & Small" YIDI ART (2022, Hong Kong)
"interaction" Galerie Zberro (Paris,2022)
"Noobies" Noblesse Collection(Seoul,2023)

Art fairs.
ART Taipei (2022)